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Bible Study: Daniel Chapter 10

The Book of Daniel

Chapter 10

20 January 2019

READ 10:1-9

  • What is significant about when Daniel receives this vision?

  • What is the vision called, and how is it characterized?

  • What is Daniel’s physical state at this point in time? What is causing his distress?

  • Who does Daniel see and how is He described?

  • What happened to the others with Daniel? Daniel?

READ 10:10-14

  • Who strengthens Daniel? What does He say to comfort him?

  • Why should Daniel not fear?

  • What delayed this Man in coming? Who was fighting with Him?

  • What other passage of Scripture does this remind us of?

  • What is meant by “latter days?”

READ 10:15-21

  • What does this Man do for Daniel again, and then again?

  • What is this Man doing for the people of God?

  • Is this how we picture spiritual warfare?

  • When the Persians are defeated, who else will God have to contend with?

  • What is the gracious promise God gives?

  • Where is it found?

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