Bible Study: Book of Daniel

The Book of Daniel

Chapter 12

10 February 2019

READ 12:1-4

  • When is “at that time?” And who will arise?

  • What will Michael do for the people of God?

  • Why will he be needed?

  • How does this sound like what Jesus says will happen to Jerusalem?

  • Though the trouble is great what will happen to God’s people?

  • What does v. 2 tell us about the last day?

  • What is the promise for the believer? The unbeliever?

  • What is Daniel told to do with this vision? Until when?

READ 12:5-13

  • Who are the two others who stand on the bank of the river?

  • What do they ask God (the man clothed in linen)?

  • What does He say, and where have we heard that before?

  • What does “a time, times, and half a time” mean?

  • What does Daniel want to know?

  • How does God respond?

  • Does God respond to us this way when we question Him?

  • What will happen to the people of God will this trouble is going on?

  • What about the wicked?

  • Do we have any idea what these numbers of days mean?

What final blessing does God leave Daniel (and us) with