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Bible Study: The Book of Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews

Chapter 2

10 March 2019

READ 2:1-4

  • What have the people of God heard that they must pay closer attention to it?

  • What two parts are referenced in the following verses?

  • How was the Law given?

  • How was the Gospel given?

  • If the Law has been proven to be true, what then of the Gospel?

READ 2:5-9

  • What proof is now given of the superiority of Christ over the angels?

  • Do we see this reality in its fullness? Why not?

  • What do we see in regards to Christ and the angels?

  • What did Christ do while being “lower than the angels?”

  • How does this crown Him with “glory and honor?”

READ 2:10-18

  • How is Christ made perfect through suffering?

  • Who is the source of the Sanctifier and the sanctified?

  • Why does it matter that Christ is our brother?

  • What does it tell us about how we relate to God?

  • How does Christ destroy death? For whom?

  • How does Jesus make propitiation for our sins?

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