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Bible Study: The Book of Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews

Chapter 3

17 March 2019

READ 3:1-6

  • Whenever a section begins with ‘therefore’ what does that tell us?

  • What is the ‘heavenly calling’ referred to?

  • Why is Jesus worthy of more glory than Moses?

  • What does it mean to be ‘God’s house?’

  • How do we remain so?

READ 3:7-13

  • Where is the writer quoting from?

  • Where was the rebellion at? Over what?

  • Why was God provoked?

  • Why did the Israelites “fall away” from God?

  • How does that begin?

  • How is sin “deceitful?”

READ 3:14-19

  • What insures that we “share in Christ?”

  • How does this connect to the language of Christ as a builder and we as a house?

  • What is the great warning given, in reference to the Israelites?

  • How does this pertain especially to the Hebrews?

  • Does is yet pertain to you also?

  • What causes damnation?

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