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Bible Study: The Book of Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews

Chapter 4

24 March 2019

READ 4:1-5

  • We begin, again, with ‘therefore.’ What does it refer back to?

  • What is the difference between those who go to heaven and those who don’t?

  • Why is it called, ‘rest?’

  • What works we finished from the foundation of the world?

  • How can this be?

  • Does this diminish the work of Jesus done on the cross?

READ 4:6-10

  • Why does the writer make such a big deal out of ‘today?’

  • How does this bring us great comfort?

  • What does is tell us about those who don’t yet believe?

  • How is the Divine Service a preview of heaven rest?

READ 4:11-13

  • Given that we desire to enter into eternal rest, what shall we do?

  • What is the threat in the description of the word of God? What is the promise?

  • What great hope does this give to us, not only in relation to our own salvation, but even to those who today are unbelievers?

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